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Alarm Assistance Program

Kawartha Lakes Fire Rescue Logo

Alana Erwood
Fire Prevention Inspector and Public Educator
City of Kawartha Lakes Fire Rescue Service
705-324-5731 ext. 586

Skip next 3 questions if you are the homeowner requesting the program

Please select from the options below the best day(s) and time(s) our Fire Preventation Staff can work with you on.

Note: This does not guarantee this date and time slot, a fire captain or fire prevention member will contact you to confirm a date and time.

*Disclaimer by filling out this form I voluntarily agree to be contacted by Kawartha Lakes Fire Rescue in respect to the Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Assistance Program. I understand that participation in this program is voluntary and any violations found by Kawartha Lakes Fire Rescue Staff must be corrected at the cost of the homeowner. 

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